Magnolia Dental – 5,400 sqft Commercial

Refresh Construction Inc. Design Team

Gillard Residence – 2,931 sqft Custom Home

Refresh Construction Inc. Design Team

F&D Prime – 6,530 sqft Restaurant Renovation

Refresh Construction Inc. Design Team

Magnolia Dental – 5,400 sqft Commercial

Refresh Construction Inc. Design Team

Riverview Dental Arts – 5,000sqft Commercial

& Med Spa

Refresh Construction Inc. Design Team

Sandals Inn Property – 11,500sqft Commercial

Exterior Renovation

KL Engineering – Design & Engineering

Oh My Sweet Cakes – 1,100sqft Commercial

DeMello Architecture – Architect

Hoffner Office & Dance – 5,000sqft Commercial

Refresh Construction Design Team

McDonough Res. Renovation – 1,100sqft Residential

Refresh Construction Design Team

Villages Smiles – 3,500sqft Commercial

Robert J. Norton – Architect

F&D Cantina – 3,800 sqft Restaurant Renovation

Downtown Orlando

Gravity Architecture & Design LLC – Architect

F&D Cantina – 1,200 sqft Restaurant Remodel

Lake Mary

Gravity Architecture & Design LLC – Architect

Charming Smiles – 2,800sqft Commercial

TrebArc, Inc. – Architect

Paramount Dental – 2,900sqft Commercial

Whadesign – Architect

Satellite Family Dentistry – 8,000 sqft Commercial

BPF Design Incorporated – Architect

Ventura Dental – 2,400 sqft Commercial

Don Allison – Architect

Nicole Residence – 5,000 sqft Custom Home

Reynaldo C. Beuncamino – Engineer

Soho Townhomes –13,000 sqft Multi-Family

Forum Architecture & Interior Design, Inc. – Architect

Soho Amenities –Cabana/Trash Compactor Multi-Family

Forum Architecture & Interior Design, Inc. – Architect

Canyon Eyecare – 1,200 sqft Commercial

Kolin Gasper – Design / Si Tran – Engineer

Bright Smiles of Oviedo – 2,200 sqft Commercial

The RJ Company – Architect

F&D Cantina Lake Mary – 3,000 sqft Commercial

Gravity Architecture & Design LLC – Architect

Stonegate Grille RR Renovation – 3,000 sqft Commercial

No Architect on this project

Island Grove Winery – 20,000 sqft Const. Mgt.

DDP Architects – Architect

Thurston Residence Renovation – 2,400 sqft Residential

Kolin Gasper – Design


Our team provides quality project management for every type of project. ​Our principal has been designing and building commercial, residential and multi-family projects in Florida since 1996.​ Refresh Construction is dedicated to client satisfaction, providing first-class project management from inception through completion. With over 20 years of experience, our goal is to outperform the competition by building projects to a higher standard of excellence than our competitors. Our dedication is to maintain long lasting relationships through honesty, integrity and reliability.
Riverview Dental Arts
Soho Town Homes
Nicole Res. Custom Home
Paramount Dental
Ventura Dental
Bright Smiles Of Oviedo
Satellite Family Dentistry
F&D Prime
F&D Cantina
Gillard Res. Custom Home
Village Smiles
Canyon Eyecare
Dollar General
Oh My Sweet Cakes
Magnolia Dental
Riverview Med Spa
Home Renovation - Orlando
Commercial Renovation
Charming Smiles
Hoffner Office and Dance

“I have interviewed more than a dozen of Orlando based GC, and Kolin Gasper with Refresh Construction was the only one who earned my trust. Very happy that I listened to my intuition and now I know that my Custom Home project is in the right hands. The whole Refresh Construction Team is always very professional, straight to the point , will fight for you as their own. Highly recommended for any of your construction or renovation needs!”

Alena Nicole,

Commercial Realtor

“I have had the pleasure of working with Kolin on a personal basis. The work ethic, professionalism and care Kolin demonstrates is fantastic. He’s transparent, honest and works to create win-win-win situations at all times. There are few businesses I have strongly recommended, but this is one I am certain to support, share and recommend.”

Ron Betta

Walt Disney World Resorts


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